Honeywell's LASEREF® IV IRS is an all-digital ring laser gyro (RLG) based inertial reference system providing ARINC 429 and ASCB digital outputs. Laseref® IV is lighter than LASEREF® III and utilizes the new digital GG1320 ring laser gyro. The system also supports hybrid GPS/IRS data.

Improves on the successful Laseref III:
  • Automatic re-align function for post flight alignment for quick turns
  • Auto-calibration of the sensors to maintain optimal performance over time
  • High latitude alignment up to 78.25 deg north latitude
  • High latitude magnetic heading map
  • Improved maintainability with modular design and assembly
  • Interfaces with Honeywell's HG2021 GNSSU ARINC 743A receiver to provide optimal GPS/Inertial hybrid computations
  • Interchangeable with Laseref III