The MK V EGPWS, exceeding the FAA TSO - C151b requirements for TAWS, provides protection against Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) and windshear. The system achieves this objective by accepting a variety of aircraft parameters as inputs, applying proprietary alerting algorithms, and providing the flight crew with aural alert messages, visual annunciations, and displays in the event that the boundaries of any alerting envelope are exceeded.

EGPWS incorporates many features NOT FOUND IN SOME competing systems such AS pin-selectable altitude callouts, envelope modulation, geometric altitude ALGORITHM, turn extrapolation, AUTO display pop-up, AUTO tilt OF weather radar, AND THE ability TO host Honeywell's Runway Awareness AND Advisory SYSTEM.

A menu OF 64 pin selectable altitude callouts IS also provided during approach. Visual AND aural warnings OF impending CFIT are provided via Honeywell's UNIQUE computer algorithms that can detect an increase OR decrease IN aircraft performance which IS indicative OF ENTRY INTO windshear. Honeywell's MK V EGPWS computers are THE ONLY TAWS computers capable OF providing detection AND timely alerts OF windshear conditions. AND WITH Runway Awareness AND Advisory (RAAS), THE MK V EGPWS computers provide increased awareness AT airports TO reduce possible runway incursion incidents.

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