At the heart of the integrated hazard avoidance system (IHAS), the Honeywell Bendix/King KMD 850 sets new standards in situational awareness, ease of operation and safety for general aviation. The KMD 850 is both a display and a controller for the latest in the moving map technology, weather avoidance, traffic advisories and terrain warning. A unique in the industry distributed processor architecture allows you to add processing power as you add functionality. Buy only the capability you need and upgrade at any time, in any order.The KMD 850 has all the benefits of the KMD 550 display with a built in interface for weather radar.

The basic MFD provides interfaces for a GPS a WX-500 Stormscope, and for an NTC video input. Various plug in modules support additional functions. These modules presently include the KAC 501 Weather Radar Interface Modules, the KAC 502 EGPWS Interface Module and the KAC 504 Traffic Interface Module. The modular design of the MFD not only permits easy field upgraddes, but also allows each function (map, weather, traffic, and terrain) to operate continously in the background, regardless of what the crew has selected to be shown on the display. The MFD utilizes a 5'' diagonal AMLCD to display a detail moving map that includes three integrated sets of data. The aeronautical database utilizes a customized Jeppesen database with airports, victor airways, VORs, NDBs and special use airspace (included altitude limits). The enhanced cartographic database includes rivers, roads, lakes, coastlines, cities, railroads tracks and towers (including AGL and MSL altitudes - US only). The topographical/elevation database provides altitude information and topographical shading. The KMD 850 Multi function Display is the centerpiece for the IHAS 5000 System. This system is specially designed for aircraft without a weather radar system.