Honeywell's Solid State Flight Data Recorder (SSFDR) is an ARINC 757, TSO C-123 approved and ED56A compliant LRU that meets or exceeds all industry crash survivability requirements.

The Solid-State Flight Data Recorder (SSFDR) utilizes a modular crash survivable memory unit (CSMU) for protection of the solid-state flight data recording memory. The CSMU retains the most recent 25 hours of digital flight data and timing information. The SSFDR can be configured for 64 words per second, 128 words per second, or 256 words per second data recording. Honeywell's new 4X Solid State Flight Data Recorder has the capability of receiving serial data at all data rates of 64, 128, or 256 Words/sec, in a format consistent with ARINC 573/717, from an external Digital Flight Data Acquisition Unit (DFDAU).